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Econ Dynamics Working Group

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Summer 2023


Please use this zoom link to join the meeting.

Date Main Presenter Location
Jun 22 Th 08:30am Simon Zoom
Jun 29 Th 08:30am No Meeting N/A
Jul 06 Th 08:30am Jingtao Zoom / HC3SW
Jul 13 Th 08:30am Jingoo Zoom / HC3SW
Jul 20 Th 08:30am Federico Zoom / HC3SW
Jul 27 Th 08:30am Manav Zoom / HC3SW
Aug 03 Th 08:30am No Meeting N/A
Aug 09 W 08:30am Marco Zoom / HC3SW
Aug 16 W 08:30am Leo Zoom / HC3SW
Aug 23 W 08:30am Aleksei Zoom / HC3SW
Aug 30 W 08:30am Zhiyu Zoom / HC3SW
Sep 06 W 08:30am Joanna Zoom / HC3SW
Sep 13 W 08:30am Filippo Zoom / HC3SW
Sep 20 W 08:30am Jessica Zoom / HC3SW